The Author’s Formal Introduction to Propaganda


“Who the fuck is Chomsky?” I thought, midconversation with the Dirty Hippie.

(God, I was so green, 23, and fresh from the Bob Jones University.)

As we reposed in his hammock by the mountain crick (yes, in North Carolina we say crick), he slowly-and-steadily waxed his way eloquently into my heart, purring names like Said, Derrida, and (fucking) Chomsky: newly revealed icons of philosophy, theory, and general mindblowingness.

That Dirty Hippie smelled like patchouli and fried soy, but goddam, that little motherfucker caught me up–socially, intellectually, and philosophically.

Now, I think fondly of his Fidel hats and his hammock by the crick (that’s right, I said “crick” again), and I think, “Who the fuck is Chomsky, indeed?”

I found out who Chomsky was in my first semester of graduate school (@historydept), living on my own outside the dorms, refusing pot, drinking a beer now and again, but mostly just listening, absorbing, learning. I could tell you here the life lessons or the history lessons, but to sum up, the main thing I learned in grad school and/or from the Dirty Hippie was that for the entirety of my life–for my whole existence, up to then and including now–I had, unbeknownst to me, been swallowing a shitton of propagandic bullshit: ads ads ads, commercials, tv shows featuring product integration (integortion), beauty magazines, billboards, and yes, I’ll say it, even (especially) my Christian school education featuring Superstar JC and his anti-scientific, anti-logic, anti-progress, anti-openmindedness Bible-thumping patriarch brigade.

#Propaganda–the lot of it. That’s right, I’m talking to you @CocaCola cans in every episode of #Friends. I’m talking to you @SallySundaySchool, you dowdy, oppressed, poor ignorant soul, posting on Facebook about how #blessed you are, completely (purposefully) oblivious the fact that 14.2 million girls under the age of 18 will be forcefully married off to an old dude, exchanged as a commodity while you sip your #charbux and talk about the USD$3,000 stroller @TheLord provided for you. Still feeling #blessed, @Sally? How about your sisters in India? Think they feel #blessed, too, thankful that you’re doing okay?

Ahem. Back to propaganda.

Almost everything I’ve (you’ve) ever watched, read, or even seen was/is laden with devious and ulterior agendas: the agendas of The Capitalist, The Patriarchy, hyper-Christians, anti-progressives, anti-feminists, anti-humans, et. al, all disguised as a wholesome breakfast cereals or, say, the Savior of the eternal universe. #YHWHrocks #PraiseGod #Inequalityfromabove


All that to say, thanks to that dirty hippie awakening me to Chomsky and propaganda and how things really are, I’m on a quest to finally get off the hammock and not just consume, but to anti-consume. To raise awareness and actively fight #propaganda. To actually do something for myself, my community, and my fellow human beings. (I’m taking ideas, by the way.)

Join me?

Well, join me after I get off work.

That’s right–I’m at work. I work in marketing. Did I forget to mention that? I’m a #propagandist, professionally, for a living, a writer of (non)fiction. I get paid to create inane needs in impressionable people. It’s absurd, but propaganda pays my bills. Just ask Comcast, the second-highest lobbying corporation after international arms dealers; the company that buys ad time and makes its own subscribers watch Comcast commercials #overkill.  Or ask me (@PropagandaSarah). I’m getting to be an propaganda expert.

#dichotomy #twoface #insidejob #reappropriation #fightfromwithin #standingupontheinside #bringdowntheman #virus #vivapropaganda


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