Three Tips for Fearless Social Media Success in Color Cosmetics (or Petty Propaganda for Pretty Propagandists)

3 Tips for Fearless Social Media Success in Color Cosmetics

recent report on marketing in the color cosmetics industry suggests that the beauty care #brands and #brandambassadors that are most successful on social media are those who post daring, colorful, and often nontraditional content. It’s not hard to guess why–makeup is colorful and colors lend themselves to visual media. In general, many mainstream #BeautyBrands execute social marketing campaigns that are timid, fearful of being too forward or controversial with their online presence. (Or perhaps they are unsure of their target audience or about social media in general.)

As a result of their light treading, they lose touch points to more devil-may-care, enterprising #underdogs who do not just #followtrends, but rather set the trends by posting (distributing) daring photos, videos, and other #soontobe #viral content. Is your marketing strategy timid towards social media?  When it comes to promoting #YourBrand beauty care products, you can’t afford to be shy. Read on to get three tips on how to overcome your virtual butterflies and kickstart #YourBusiness via social media.

Boldly go where no lipstick has gone before.

Boldly go where no lipstick has gone                                  before.

 1. Identify your goals and audience. Social media as a virtual entity can seem extremely daunting sans plan (#brainstorm). The good news is that a social media plan doesn’t have to be long, detailed, or overtly scientific (although at some point, if you’re serious about #socialmediamarketing, you’ll certainly invest time and resources into the analytics and algorithms that speak truth to your ROI).

Successful marketing strategies tend to have three simple primary goals: engage, inform, and entertain the #TargetAudience. Whether you’re tweeting, posting, pinning, or vlogging, if your primary objectives are to engage, inform, and entertain, you’re already on the right track. Set additional secondary goals for your page like “increase page likes by 20% next month” or “create two #infographics per week garnering a minimum of five shares each.” Sync quarterly and monthly goals to seasons, holidays, and relevant social events.

Before you start #acheivinggoals, ascertain your #TargetAudience. Think about who you are trying to engage, inform, and entertain so you can tailor your content to appeal to those demographics’ interests and needs. Does your target audience include #colleagues and #industryexperts or should you gear your content towards #tweens, #hipsters, #twentysomethings,  #yogamoms, #fratbras, #singleladies, #WallStreetgents, #cougars, #academics, #clubgoers, #geriatrics, #etc? Determine who you are trying to reach and then move forward confidently knowing that you will be speaking in just the right voice for your #TargetAudience.

2Schedule posts with purpose. The most successful* #BeautyBrand (@MACcosmetics) on social media posts an average of 40% images and videos balanced by 60% text and other. (And to be clear, “images and video” are consistently updated high-res, high-def, live-action, high-profile photographs utilizing #highlypigmented colors, #reallivemodels, #moviesets, #transformedcelebs, and other bold, vibrant, brilliant, visually-stimulating, interactive content with a high applause/amplification rates and ROI value.)

What does @MACcometics’s social media strategy mean to your #BeautyBrand? To get optimal applause (likes, favors) and amplification (retweets, shares), a little over half of your posts can be text, but the rest should be pictures, images, charts, infographics, memes, tutorials, vines, and vlogs. And not just a dimly-lit pic captioned with, “here’s my nails, y’all,” but rather well-planned, well-executed posts utilizing digital technology, design sense, and industry best practices. For posts that are exclusively text based, a simple formula is to start with a colloquial phrase to create interest or suspense (#TonightsTheNight, #FinallyHere, #ComingSoon) and finish with a  #CTA (call to action) like “chime in below,” “click to make it yours,” or “like for good karma.”

3. Analyze and adapt. How do you quantify the success of your social media pages? As an advertising tool, your pages’ success can be examined in regards to enhanced brand awareness and ultimately ROI. To measure success, use the administrative tools in your social media platform to analyze the numbers and adapt your strategy. To assess your strategy’s overall success, ask yourself these questions with follow ups:

  • How many followers do I have and how has that number increased in the past week, month, and year? | Did we meet last month’s projected goal?
  • What are our rates of applause and amplification? | If we created more comedic memes, designed cleaner infographics, or shot more live-action, high-color photos, could we increase A&A?
  • What is the impact of our posts, i.e., are we converting posts to sales? | How can we improve our analytics by looping in other departments towards our marketing campaign?

Finally, when in doubt, ask your audience for help! The most successful #SocialMediaMarketers are those who adapt to the needs, wants, whims, and cravings of their market. Be social! Get to know your #TargetAudience. Boldly ask them what trends they’re enamored of, what infographics could help explain X or provide insight into Y, and even ask them to help you spread #brandawareness by liking, commenting, sharing, and otherwise interacting with #YourPage and #YourBrand.

With these tips in your portfolio, you can feel #equipped to have #nofear on social media. On Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, your blog, #etc remember to achieve success, identify your goals and audience, schedule posts with purpose, and measure and adapt. Be bold and daring with visually stimulating, interactive content and by staying fearlessly connected to your #TargetAudience.  You have the courage to engage, inform, and entertain—start now!

*See “Colour Cosmetics Social Engagement Report

#NeverStopLearning #Read #DoYourResearch #BlogOn #Propaganda


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