A Lady and a Dog in Summer or A Propaganda For Nature (Number One)

Grass is soft
And I am low to it.
What’s the difference among
And sweat
And dew?
(Who can tell what brushes,
Glistens over you?)

Sky is warm
And I bow to it.
A red dog hides in the shade,
But I am a local parade:
I run around
I dash about,
A pentacle rolling, limbs spread out.
An open-armed spectacle of life and doubt.

Air is sweet
And I suck on it.
Honey and watermelon-scented grass
Leap like crickets at a dog and a lass
When we pass and raise our noses
Towards the jasmine and roses,
Panoplies of delight en masse.

Summer is thick
And I swim in it:
Stroking, splashing,
Sprinting, thrashing:
Wading, fading, flipping, gloating,
Altogether surfing, boating,
Reflecting light and clouds a-floating,
Diving deep, swimming sweet.


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