Others are discussing propaganda, as well

Others are talking about propaganda, as well, while I rest my brain, while I resettle, and mentally churn over essays and poems, weeding out the distractions and listening for the still small voice that tells my stories.

I’ve been thinking more about cherry-picking lately, with the so-called Hobby Lobby Law that allows corporate entities more rights than the human persons they employ. I do not wish my tax dollars to pay for wars. I want my money to go into Medicaid and nutritious school lunches for children, but as an ordinary, free American citizen, I do not get to cherry pick where my money goes.

(See John Oliver’s rant.)

How is it that corporations have been granted this right to pick the fattest, plumpest cherries? Were these cherry-picked exclusions to the law of the land not the impetuses for racial segregation, disenfranchisement of females and non-whites, and the overall ignorance that apparently pervades our society through Facebook, political campaigns bought with corporate dollars, commercials, and society’s general apathetic unwillingness to accept responsibility for the problems it creates?

In providing freedom to some, are we not denying rights to others? How then is that freedom? How then are we free?

“Until we are all free, we are none of us free. ” –Emma Lazarus


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