The Merchandiser’s Lament

Take my shape inside the cubes,
Aside the sordid humming fall
of pulsing wires, blue lights, and tubes
unfolding, flashing, blinking all.

Shop now! Click here! Don’t be left out
of this season’s latest, greatest THING!
Follow online mazes around about
to find the joy illusions bring.

Buy more, save more, ship free today;
receive Consumerism’s gift
of things for which you’ll never pay
save by wallets, souls bereft.

The clicking drowns the tricksy words,
well-crafted for the ignorant.
Advertisements, banners, blurbs
created for the life well-spent.

Abandon hope, ye who enter here,
this virtual maze of buyer’s remorse.
The web of ads has overcome
All hope with cash and will with force.



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