“The Apiarist’s Advice for Surviving the Business Day” or “Propaganda for Bees”

Boundaries fade away:
sticky outpourings of calls and emails
blur afternoons into evenings.
All sense of E.O.D. and eventide’s stability
have fallen away from me
as I, the worker bee, buzz on to meritocracy,
making the honey,
to serve with the cheese.

BeesWork is a four letter word;
not a verb—
an empty value, of how we
the bees
are weighted by conformity,
our investments in normalcy,
our hive mentality.


Do the days ever actually end?
Does evening’s fall
mean rest for the weary,
or one last business call?
How invested are we, the under-rested,
in the future of the economy,
in our personal security and sense of normalcy?

Buzz on, weary worker bees!
The harvest brings honey to serve with the cheese.


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