Lick the culture jam with your tongue

I mean lick it or don’t,
we’ll work or we won’t and it doesn’t matter
which one

Sugar is crack;
knowledge is crack!
Crack is here to stay, folks.
Just embrace it:
lick it off your gums, man.

Delve into the erotic, ergodic transcription towards autodidacticism
and take back reality from television
(Why is the damn tv always on everywhere?)
That bitch-ass blue screen is a ubiquitous soul-sucking channel to complacency hell.

I blame it on our inabilities and inaptitude’s towards science and silence.

Exacerbate the herd mentality of the world

Or don’t, man.
What am I ever going to say to convince you?
Do what you usually do,
Or fucking do something different.

Horatio Fellatio,
Lick it or don’t, man.
Shit or get off the pot.

“You just got Jammed.” – Councilman Jeremy Jamm, Pawnee, Indiana



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