A Sermon for Tools Not Toys (or Unsolicited Advice for #NextPractice #SocialMedia Use)

I rarely tweet, I do not Instagram.
Pinning is not for me; it is not who I am.
You may do so, but that’s not me or who I am at this point in my reality.

No, nothing against it all—per se—
but (anti)social media is just one book in the set of media encyclopedias:
Look me up, and I’m more than a face in a book on a page that you read.


How do you see yourself, your friends, your own reality?
Through eyes-to-eyes, or via the intermediary blue screened deity?
These views are not the same. Don’t take it personally, but

would you be offended if I tried to intervene?
If I asked you to look through the (smoke) screen
to relate to true reality instead of just what you see here?


Let us go in search for a #newnormal in social interaction,
the #nextpractice of our humanity.
Would you care to join me in a walkout of #postconsumer media depravity?

Let us avoid the pitfalls and the ploys by using screens as tools not toys:
Write and read on and learn from screens,
then turn them off and find with me the painful joys of actual human interaction.


Escape the webbed cities for mountains, streams, fields, and farms.
Run squarely into the arms of the family you choose
and lay down your #nofilterfilter, #candycrush, and #digitalcharms

to share with me in a new-found family of humanity
where instead of handles and web identities,
we ask for names, and exchange smiles as we plan to meet me at trusted localities

to discuss religion, politics,
and all the other taboo realities that tend to go horribly wrong
when brought up at work, online, or at family dinner parties.

@FriendsInRealLife, we are more than the demeaning screening permits:
even though I see you only virtually, through the screen,
would you close it down now and walk the walk with me?




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