Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (or Propaganda Poetry for a Marketer’s Week)

Good morning, little #Marketers,
wee-tiny #BrandAmbassadors!
Let us bow together at our screens
as we embark upon #MotivationMonday,
this week’s initiation to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride,
kicking off the the daily grind
of nail-biting rollercoaster riding
and target-audience will subsiding
high turnout and turnover
#propaganda writing!

Up we go,
to #TechTuesday,
creaking over slats and beams,
drawing parallels, creating needs;
digging unfillable holes
in market-saturated, inundated souls.
Down we go,#WaybackWednesday,
arms in the air;

#tbt like we don’t care
spewing content for all to #like and #share;
lighting up the interwebs like our favorite mad amphibian,
driving through an animated primordial land,
zooming by as a tadpole and then coasting away,
a toad again.
Watch us poke needs,
mouths open to the breeze:
catching flies and worker bees,
taking #targetaudience for a ride,
watching clicks and #CTAs with weak knees,
shivering through tunnels,
and finally breaking free at the end of another week.

Get off the ride!
Go take a slam,
have a bite,
and get right back on again.

As a new week starts,
can we just agree:
that we are, in fact, the flies and the bees;
the drones who rode together,
caught by the Toad
chewed up and swallowed to die alone.

We are crones undone
the ones licked by Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride:
that soft-on-the-body,
content heaven.

Jump on again
for another week of hashtags and goody bags,
bankrupt rags soaked in a Molotov of my own madness;
click here now to pour the fuel
on Mr. Toad’s virtual sadness.
Then light a match and jump off fast!

Maybe we could if together we tried
burn the hell out of this wild ride.



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