A Culture Jam #Mashup for Fashion: @JohnOliver meets @Jesus

Matthew 16:
Edited & Abridged

A wicked and adulterous generation seeks a sign but no sign will be given. #branding

I will give you the keys of @heaven, but just know: whatever you sow on earth still gets reaped up in @heaven. #karma #justsayin

Get thee behind me, @Satan! And who is @Satan, you ask? Why, @Satan is @anyone who savors benefiting at the expense of others. #checkyourlabel #checkyourperspective #blessedorprivileged

Tell me, what are we actually {doing, proving, benefiting, accomplishing} if we gain the world and all the clothing therein at a reasonable discount price while realizing that we are directly funding child labor, unsafe working conditions, unfair wages, and the mistreatment and subjugation of women and children around the world? #aidingandabetting #accomplice #wearingtheproof

What do we give back in exchange for our souls?

@H&M @GAP @Wal-Mart @CheapAssStoresWeAllFuckingShopAt



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