Mettātation for Conversation (or Culture Jam Your Television)

iPhones: giving

iPhones: giving “alone together” an updated meaning upon restart.

Even isolated in cubes,
around tvs,
inside of games,
glued to blue screens,
with earbuds in,
we must work
as people do
to preserve our humanity
and once again invoke our right of social interaction–
talking without a phone or tv–
or else the machines have already won,
and they are not even sentient

If you turn it off, they can't get you.

If you turn them off, they can’t get you.

We are each part of a whole:
Don’t fall prey to the inundating ease of mental disengagement
at the will of your tv.
Unseal our collective fate!

Come and interact with me
outside the bonds of the matrimony
of all us human beings to our
backlit screens.



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