I have found the light, my headlamp;
it shines from my eyes.
I am strapped into my harness, my body stalwart and strong;
and I am safely tethered by the breath
to today, to my power.
I have the tools now;
artifacts etched and whittled over time in the darkness;
eternal, metaphysical connections to the temporal world.
I will harness myself safely
and tether to the corporal,
descending fearlessly into the dark unknown,
(breathe in, breathe out)
deep into this spiritual crevasse,
spelunking my depths,
mining for stories.
With my safety equipment,
I descend quickly,
with a headlamp,
a harness,
and a tether to the here and now,
I won’t get lost in the past anymore,
for I have a light;
I am the light.
I see that now.

Gather your tools first,
then go on short trips for a while,
and when your eyes finally adjust to the darkness
and your climbing muscles are strong,
descend fully into the madness of your past,
and sane and stalwart in your gear,
mine your memories;
hone your craft;
then confidently arise,
egressing into the light of day,
(you have emerged!),
recharge your soul in the sunshine
(breathe in, breathe out).
But first,
before the sunshine,
before the smile,
ingress into the deepest caves
(breathe in)
of your most conflicted, restricted mind,
(breathe out)
that vastly open space, still and deep,
below the thin skin on the surface,
where valiance is forged,
light is born,
and stories are etched and whittled like tools,
over time,
whispered and recorded by the voices
echoing back into the darkness,
reminding you that you are home
anywhere you are.

You are safe in the darkness;
you are safe everywhere.
You are protected by your body and breath;
you are the Light.


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