Who Will Fight for the Fighters?

Fight for the fighters!
Unite for the uteri!

Click image to visit Mother Jones for stats and story.

Click image to visit Mother Jones for stats and story.



Decoding HR Propaganda (and Other Feminist Factoids)

If you’re looking for jobs, know that titles with “coordinator” or “specialist” are PC code for “secretary” and “crapdumppile.” This is important to know, especially for women, and especially for women who are fucking tired of being subservient, supportive wenches in the 21st Century. Don’t forget–96% of administrative @$$istants have uteri!

Also, only somewhat related, Saudi Arabian women can’t drive and the US of A is the only developed country not to offer paid maternity/paternity leave.

Do you ever get angry about any of these things? I do.

As my brother the sarcastic sage would say, “Why don’t you write a book about it.”

Maybe I will, Aaron. Maybe I will.

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Uteruses Unite (or #CultureJamming for #Equality)

Hello, fellow female friends!

Welcome to 2015, the Year of the Woman! Women have truly arrived. We are *practically* equal to men in all the ways, and the majority of men (and our fellow women) really do view us favorably now because why wouldn’t they? It’s not like we’re still solely valued for our Pantene hair or praised for our Kardashian asses!


That’s right everyone, this is from whence ye descended.

To celebrate this amazing epoch of female empowerment, here are some amazing Lady Stats to keep you motivated towards feminism and equality:

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